A          R          T          I          S          T

From "DADA art" (1916) as a perception of criticism of culture, to "DATA A art" (2010) as a perception of rational analysis from data (information) as a transitional cultural device to a better plan "A" for the Earth.

Is the human condition the result of an incomplete survival strategy?

I think so, but, I'm also convinced that the first step to answering the critical questions we are facing as a species, is to admit that there are answers to those questions either known or to be found.

I have looked into the Nature of life, ours, and  other life on Earth for answers. After over half a century of looking, I'm convinced that  I have found a number of aesthetic answers worth sharing.

The art that I do, is and has been, about clarifying to myself some of the answers I found. I'm sharing them with you, so that together we may have a dialog about their worth and ideally your thoughts about them.

I have named the kind of art that I do "Data A art." That is to say, "Data" because answers are information, "A" because the results are presented as evidence or Exhibit "A," Data A art, because solutions have an aesthetic quality that generates the kind of dialog that translates information into culture. Culture is of course the only vehicle to act-out solutions, specially solutions concerning our survival strategy.

Tiité Baquero



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